Seeking Artist In Residence for 2013 Season

The Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis is currently seeking one enthusiastic lover of local experimental multimedia performance art to play a key role in our next yearlong adventure as the 2013 Artist in Residence!

Duties of the position are as follows:

  • design poster art in a timely manner for all 6 shows of the 2013 season (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov).
  • work closely with the Curator to ensure design ideas effectively incorporate show sponsors and contain all relevant information.
  • present the cumulative 2013 poster art collection during the final volume of the year in November.
  • present any additional original artwork that is independent of TESI to showcase and sell in the final event gallery space.

If this sounds like a project that interests you, please contact to discuss more details! In your email please provide the following information:

Phone Number
Email Address
Website/links to any current work if available
What makes you uniquely qualified to rock our socks off?

Application deadline: September 15, 2012

The 2013 Artist in Residence will be decided by Curator Erin Livingston and Artistic Director Hayley Sampsel McDaniel (2012 Artist in Residence) and announced at “The Best of Series One” on October 20, 2012.



Success!  Thanks to the all star line-up of artists and especially to expert cryptozoologist, Tim Cassidy, for sharing the stage last Saturday night.  If you missed this show, you missed a lot.  But don’t worry!  We’ll get you up to speed in October with a Series One Review!

Encyclopedia Show Series One Cliffs Notes Edition

All the best performers from the past TWO YEARS–can you believe that??  You will see contributors from Bears, The Moon, The Visual Spectrum of Color, Explosives, The Future, Vice Presidents, and Mythical Beasts!

Series 1: Cliffs Notes, A Best Of The Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis
The Irving Theater
October 20 (3rd Saturday in October)

Mythical Beasts Descend Upon The Irving Theater!

Series 1, Volume 7: Mythical Beasts
The Irving Theater
Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dare ye cross the River Styx into a land of mythically inaccurate proportions!  Here you will find a beastly amount of edutainment and truthiness in this, the Series 1 Finale!  Join the fun with an all star cast of contributors and all your favorite familiar friends Saturday, July 21 at The Irving Theater.  And bring a friend.  You’ll need some bait to keep all the beasts at bay!

Foil Hat Sculptures Will Save You From Zombies!

You heard it here first!  The Zombie Apocalypse IS already upon us, according to local psychic sources, and tin foil hats are a indeed a great start to saving your beautiful brains.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this show our best ever!  We hope to see you again next time….

Saturday, April 28
The Irving Theater

Series 1, Volume 6: VICE PRESIDENTS!

Who knows what we’ll learn next!



The list of contributors for Series 1, Volume 5 The Future……
Sat, Jan 21.   8:00/7:30Doors.   $5.   At The Irving Theater

Series 1, Volume 5: The Future
Contributor —Topic

CKM (Comedian/Musician/Actor) Time Travel
Daniel Dreamwalker (Poetry/Multimedia/Music) Utopia
Family Ganesh (Music) Premonitions
Luis Paulino (SWAG, DePauw University) Screenagers
Louise Robertson (Writer’s Block Poetry, Columbus, OH) Aging
Oren Wagner (Poet) The Afterlife
Patrick Trent (Poet) Genetic Engineering
Steve Henn (Author, Unacknowledged Legislations) Harold Camping

Also featuring Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis regulars:

Curator and Host Erin Livingston (Indianapolis Poetry Slam)
Official Fact Checker Tony Brewer (Editor, The Same Page Literary Services)
Intern Aaron Henze (Stage/Film/Commercial Actor)
Music Director Rob Glass (Dorsey/Midwest Emerging Artists)
Artistic Director Hayley Sampsel McDaniel (Rocky Ripple Art Fair)

VISIT OUR SPONSORS for Series 1, Volume 5: The Future

Roll With It Bakery (5539 East Washington St.)
Lazy Daze Coffee House (10 South Johnson Ave.)


It’s been a busy summer, fall, year, and life for the Encyclopedia Show recently completing S1, V4: Explosives and finding a new home at The Irving Theater, which we love, Love, LOVE! (Have you seen it yet? It’s one of Indianapolis’s best kept secrets.) We hope you will join us at our next installment happening after the New Year!

Series 1, Volume 5: THE FUTURE
Saturday, January 21
8:00pm/7:30 Doors

Help us kick off the year of Armageddon. We know how it will end. Do you? When the dust settles, you can tell everyone (what few of us will be left) that you heard it here, at The Encyclopedia Show, first.

Exploding With Joy

Did you miss us?  We missed you!

It’s been a long haul getting our shiny new headquarters set up across town and we are happy to report our Research Facilities are booming with activity.  Work on the next installment of The Encyclolpedia Show (Series 1, Volume 4: Explosives) is underway.  Updates will be posted as they become available.

Look for us to light up the stage again in early October.  We’ll see your sparkling smiles there!