Would you like to be a part of the Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis? Well, we’d love to have you! We’re always looking for excited and talented folks to join us in our efforts to bring fun edutainment to the masses.

Here’s how to get involved!

Contribute Your Creative Expertise to an Upcoming Show:
Please email us with the following information as well as any questions you have:
1. Your contact phone and email address
2. Your availability and which show interests you the most
3. Examples of you performing on video or written examples of your work

Volunteer with The Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis:
Help us paint, flier, invent, collaborate, educate, reclaim, and build the next great adventure of a show!  Send an email to us now!

Sponsor The Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis:
Showcase your business at our shows!  Send us an email to discuss the possibility of show-by-show advertising or season-long exclusivity sponsorships.


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