The Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis

– noun
1. equal parts Mystery Science Theater 3000, Hollywood Palace, Prairie Home Companion, and VH1 Pop Up Videos.

2.The end result is a mish mash of colorful monologues, mind bending poetry, and a top notch Indianapolis event that’ll have you appreciating the vibrant culture rampant in the Circle City.” –FunCityFinder.com

3. an irreverent performance mash up that draws from traditions of improvisation, vaudeville and poetry slam featuring all original work on a central theme chosen from an actual encyclopedia that takes place one night only.

4. a variety show that commissions local and touring artists and experts from many disciplines to use their individual talents to present a unique, live action encyclopedia entry never to be repeated.

5. an experiment in truthiness, fun facts, and fashionable falsehood.

6. a creative community cultivating accidental knowledge and irreverent loving kindness that strives to be age integrated and welcoming to all.

7. better than your grandma’s famous sweet potato pie. Her words, not ours.


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