Holy Cannoli! Has it been a year already?

From Dinosaurs to Serial Killers to The Zodiac to Hockey to Obsolete Diseases….we sure did cover a lot of ground!  There was trivia and top notch experts, music videos and Your Mother, puppets, projections, full contact poetry, zombie cows vs. Hitler, naked chickens and nearly naked interns, improv and improbable infomercials…there was love!  There was loss!  There was hot coffee and free cookies!

We couldn’t have asked for a better season and we can’t wait to bring you the highlights.

Best of 2013
Thursday, November 14
(the second Thursday in November)
The Irving Theater
Doors at 7:00.  Show at 7:30.
Tickets $8.
Student/Senior $5.

Come early at 7:00 to enjoy the original and complete 2013 program cover art series by Artist in Residence Jennifer Blue Hands.  These original, hand painted, commissioned works WILL be available for purchase, so come prepared to add to your collection!

And, as always, the pre-show video mash up by Celestial Panther will be welcoming you to your seat and filling your face with wonderful fun facts and fancy figures to help ready your mind for the 2013 best of times!

Thank you for supporting live, local art in Irvington!


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