Fact Checker Says, “Dinosaurs Aren’t Real.”

In the Fact Checker’s defense, which you will rarely see us do around here, he was a substitute, and a very literal one at that.  We get that for many seeing is believing, but dang, Thomas!  A real live dinosaur attacked your quiz show and a cave man fought it off….how much more evidence do you need?!

Dino fights, shadow puppets, stand-up comedy, music, poetry, and not to mention a fantastic interview with Geologist and Paleontology Educator Brendan Chandler.  …you miss an Encyclopedia Show, you miss a lot!

Search for Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis on YouTube for a clip or two from S2V1: Dinosaurs and find a few other sweet surprises along the way from our friends at Know No Stranger.

Thanks to those of you who braved the cold to join us!  And those of you who registered, we look forward to seeing you back with a Study Buddy on us!

Series 2, Volume 2: SERIAL KILLERS
The Irving Theater
5505 E. Washington St. 46219
Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:30pm
THURSDAY, March 14, 2013



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