What Dinosaur Extinction?

What’s with all this apocalyptic mumbojumbo?  Giant lizards are alive and thriving all over Irvington!  See for yourselves with the triumphant return of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA SHOW INDIANAPOLIS in an all new series beginning THURSDAY, January 10.

Series 2 Volume 1: DINOSAURS
5505 E. Washington St. 46219
Doors 7:00pm. Show 7:30pm
THURSDAY, Jan 10, 2012

Series 1, Volume 2: Dinosaurs is sponsored by:

The Irving Theater                          http://www.attheirving.com
The Writers’ Center of Indiana  http://www.indianawriters.org
Lazy Daze Coffee House               http://www.lazydazecoffeehouse.com
Roll With It Bakery                     
tHAIRapy Salon                           
Irvington Photo Club                   
Celestial Panther Publishing       

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/EncyclopediaShowIndianapolis
For more information on the original Encyclopedia Show and the birthplace of this national project inside the minds of Robbie Q. Telfer & Shanny Jean Maney, visit www.encyclopediashow.com


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