Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis Turns TWO!

5505 E. Washington St. 46219

Doors for The Best of Series One open at 7:00 with a gallery event showcasing artwork by Hayley McDaniel, the current Artist in Residence and Artistic Director for the Encyclopedia Show.  See her artwork alongside an awesome auction and raffle of set pieces (cave paintings, time machines, dynamite), costumes (as worn by Marilyn Monroe, Hades, trolls), sponsor swag (gift certificates, goodies, good times), and a few sets of Encyclopedia Show season tickets for 2013, which will also be available for purchase!

Roscoe’s Tacos will set up street side at 7:00pm for hungry show goers serving up tacos, nachos, and salads with plenty of their signature hot sauces on hand.  Early birds will also enjoy complimentary treats and coffee from Roll With It Bakery and Lazy Daze Coffee House as they make their way through the historic Irving Theater and have a chance to chat with members of the cast and crew to celebrate this incredible collection of unique, local and live performance art.

The Best of Series One features performances from the following local artists:

Courtney Kay Meyers (Producer, Feedbag Material)
Steve Henn (Author, And God Said: Let there be Evolution!)
Celestial Panther (Inkslingers Theater at The Underground 9)
Dave “Mort” Martin (Family Ganesh)
Gabrielle Patterson (2012 City Representative, Individual World Poetry Slam)
Jason Adams (We’ve Got Powers, Indy Fringe 2012)
J.L. Kato (Author, Shadows Set In Concrete)

With Special Guest Spynn Carnahan (Scratch Uncorporated), Hang On I Got This: America’s Slowest Growing Quiz Show,  and announcing a brand new Artist in Residence for 2013.

Featuring Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis regulars:
Curator and Host Erin Livingston (Indianapolis Poetry Slam)
Official Fact Checker Tony Brewer (Editor, The Same Page Literary Services)
Chris The Intern Aaron Henze (Stage/Film/Commercial Actor)
Sound Engineer Sean Patrick McDaniel (Indianapolis Jazz Festival)
Artistic Director Hayley Sampsel McDaniel (Encyclopedia Show Indianapolis 2012 Artist In Residence)

The Best of Series One is sponsored by:

Help My Mac                          http://www.helpmymac.com
Kay Cleaning Services         http://www.kaycleaning.weebly.com
Lazy Daze Coffee House      http://www.lazydazecoffeehouse.com
ReTULLEd                              http://www.retulled.com
Roll With It Bakery             http://www.rollwithitbakery.net
Roscoe’s Tacos                       http://www.roscoestacos.com

About The Encyclopedia Show
Winner of a 2009 Orgie Theatre Award, The Encyclopedia Show concept is brought to you from the quirky minds of Chicago poets and producers Robbie Q Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney.  The Encyclopedia Show showcases visual art, comedy, music and spoken word on a wide variety of subjects related to a chosen topic. For each show a new topic is picked at random from the encyclopedia and assignments are sent to a diverse group of writers, artists, poets and performers.

Encyclopedia Shows have popped up all across the nation, even as far away as Seoul, South Korea.  The Indianapolis debut took place October 19, 2010 at the Indy Fringe Theater with a cast of local and notable artists, musicians, poets, and performers of all persuasions.

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/EncyclopediaShowIndianapolis
For more information on the original Encyclopedia Show www.encyclopediashow.com


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